Silverstriper's Mission:

To Pay It Back and Pay It Forward

In the realm of the open source world there our countless unsung heroes who tirelessly pour their talent and imagination into software projects to help the greater good. SilverStripe is one of those projects. When I got started in Silverstripe it was the work of those unsung heroes, creating Silverstripe modules, answering forum posts, creating useful Silverstripe tutorials that made the step in SilverStripe so much easier.

As an open source CMS, SilverStripe gives many web developers, web designers – well everyone really – the ability to create rich web sites that allow themselves for easy updating. SilverStripe is so much more than "easy" updating, and that is the intention of this site: to provide useful information to help others work on the SilverStripe CMS.

SilverStriper Themes (w/ Add-Ons) for Silverstripe

I had been procrastinating on a theme for months now...started back in April 2010. I wanted to build something using pure html5 and saw a SilverStripe theme as a good opportunity. Well, I just decided to put it out there and let it run.



Grab it and let me know what you think (send via @silverstriper)


Who Is Silverstriper:

Silverstriper is a pen name for the web work done by ChingoChango. The creation of SilverStriper is to give focus and attention to a well deserving CMS.

Well then...who is ChingoChango? ChingoChango is a freelance web agency offering a broad brush of web services. ChingoChango is a moonlight service crafting sites and code into midnight hours (you know the deal). By day ChingoChango works the web for a Fortune 500 company headquarted in Chicago, IL.

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